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Why Do I Need to Hire an EPA Certified Lead Renovator Contractor?

Lead abatement is the process of completely removing the presence of lead-based paint from a home or structure. Prior to 1978, the majority of homes in America were painted with lead based paint, and many countries around the world still include lead in their paint.

Why is lead added to paint?

Lead increases the durability of paint, shortens drying times, contributes to paint color and appearance, and resists moisture that leads to corrosion.


Why is lead abatement important?

As it ages lead paint can begin to crack and chip, releasing lead dust and particles into the home. Exposure to lead, either by inhaling lead dust in the air or by ingesting it, is highly toxic to humans. For children and pregnant women especially there is no safe level of lead exposure. 

Very young children are at a higher risk of lead exposure and poisoning because they crawl through the house and have a tendency to put everything in their mouths. Additionally, children’s bodies absorb everything at a much higher rate than adults so any trace of lead ingested by a child can be detrimental due to brain damage, developmental issues, and various other illnesses.

Recognizing the major health implications of dwelling in a home with lead-based paint, the EPA requires Lead-Safe Certification under the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) rule. Effective March 2022, realtors and property managers can only use lead certified contractors in their lead remediation projects. This rule aims to protect tenants, residents and visitors against lead exposure that may occur during and after renovation, repair and painting activities in pre-1978 houses and buildings. 

As a lead certified renovator, BioSweep Southeast is fully trained and equipped to safely handle and remove lead-based paint. We work with property management companies and realtors to completely remove hazardous lead from homes and businesses and restore a healthy environment.

What are the dangers of lead paint?

Lead paint is very dangerous to people and pets. Damage to the brain and nervous system is the biggest risk of lead poisoning which can each lead to a host of other health issues and diseases. High levels of lead in the body is known to cause hearing problems, headaches, behavior and learning problems, slowed growth, reproductive problems in both men and women, high blood pressure, nerve damage, and memory problems. 

Elevated levels of lead in the blood can ultimately cause seizures, coma, or death. Those living in an older home, especially children under 2 years of age should get a simple blood test to detect high levels of lead in the body. 

Working with a Lead-Safe Certified contractor ensures that the renovation and repainting of the homes in your portfolio is conducted as safely as possible with the highest level of expertise and equipment. Additionally, working with BioSweep Southeast ensures you legally comply with all EPA safety regulations and communicates to your tenants and homeowners your company is “above board” when it comes to taking lead hazards seriously. 

What are the various methods of lead abatement?

There are four methods of lead abatement, each with their own level of complexity and use case. Encapsulation and enclosure methods make the areas or items containing lead paint inaccessible. Sealing off areas containing lead paint thereby removes the hazard of having them in the home. BioSweep Southeast solely offers removal and replacement methods to permanently remove the lead paint from the structure. 

The four types of lead removal include: 

Encapsulation essentially seals off any lead contaminated surfaces by applying a special liquid coating on top of them. Completely sealed, there is no longer the risk of lead paint chipping onto the floor for babies to discover or its dust to release into the air to breathe.

Enclosure involves constructing a solid, dust-tight barrier around any lead-contaminated items or areas. While not a permanent solution, enclosures provide an effective barrier, especially for children, from any lead exposure in the area. Depending on the location in the building or the surface area that needs to be enclosed, this can be a timely solution for a school, business, or home.

Replacement refers to simply removing the specific items, like window sills or framing, that contain lead based paint. Though simple, replacement efforts must still be addressed with the utmost care and precision. Proper protective gear must be worn so that while removing the items containing lead, no disruptive dust or chips are inhaled or ingested. 

Removal is the most comprehensive process and often what people think of when they think of “lead abatement”. Lead removal is where contaminated surfaces are scraped, stripped, vacuumed, and blasted in order to fully remove the lead paint and repair the surfaces for repainting, with lead-free paint, of course. 

The process of removal is the most involved and requires the use of special equipment and safety gear. In order to scrape and remove lead paint safely, one needs to close off the area to contain all the dust and wear a full HAZMAT suit with a HEPA respirator to protect from inhaling any particles.

What is the lead abatement process?

Biosweep Southeast is fully licensed and insured with over ten years of industry experience. As IICRC certified restoration professionals and an EPA lead certified firm, we perform every lead remediation job to the highest standards for health and safety. Once the presence of lead has been confirmed, our lead experts will assess the areas affected and provide a scope of work. Our primary focus is to prevent further damage, fully removing any contaminated materials and restoring the property to a healthy, enjoyable space. 

Any area containing lead-based paint will be fully contained throughout the entire removal or replacement process. Our certified lead renovators wear fully protective gear, and all contaminated waste materials are disposed of according to EPA guidelines. 

Due to the toxic nature of lead our team only offers both comprehensive replacement and removal services. 

In an industry where an empty home means a loss of revenue, we’ve built strong relationships with many property management companies through our quick and thorough turnover.

For a quote or to talk to a lead-safe certified contractor about your property, please reach out. We are dedicated to providing professional, honest, and reliable services and will walk with you through the entire process.

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